Jacqueline Mitchell, M.S., Ed.S., PMP
Founder, Coach, & Principal Consultant

I thrive anytime I can be of service to another individual. From assisting large corporations with an enterprise level system integration to mentoring young professional women, I simply love to help people solve problems, look at situations from a different point of view, and realize their ultimate potential.


My passion for service to others comes from a defining event in my early career. While still earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems at Nova Southeastern University, I was hired by my mentor to work in the IT department at a global telecom & telephony company. Though I was very shy in my early career, my mentor saw my potential to learn quickly and master any project I was given and ultimately tasked me with preparing a presentation for her to present to executive management.


It wasn’t until I walked into the meeting with my mentor that I realized the plan had been for me to present all along! I delivered the presentation without a hitch and from that moment on I knew I could do anything I set her mind to—all because someone helped me solve a problem, look at the situation from a different point of view and realize my ultimate potential.


Today, I own two businesses all with the goal of helping people on both ends of the career spectrum. CJ Matthews Consulting, my first business, is designed to guide C-Level Executives and corporations through project and program management. Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting, my second business, supports high achieving professionals through career and life coaching.


I have earned a B.S in Computer Information Systems, M.S. in Management Information Systems and an Ed.S. in Technology Management and Administration all from Nova Southern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have also earned a number of certifications through the years including the Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute and the Professional Coach certification from the International Coach Federation. Most recently, I became a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and have published articles on 

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