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CJ Matthews Consulting LLC


changes lives and your bottom line

Coaching creates breakthroughs and empowers your teams for continued success. 


Imagine driving effective project delivery while also strengthening the capabilities of your team.

Improve your team’s ability to deliver with one-on-one personal coaching sessions or group coaching sessions where we share expertise, provide guidance, and increase the quality of work produced.


Leaders who invest in coaching for their employees will ultimately improve their bottom line by:

  • cutting training costs*

  • increasing productivity

  • overcoming costly and time-consuming performance challenges

  • developing a great team of top talent

  • improving retention

  • strengthening employee skills so you can delegate and focus on more strategic tasks

  • strengthening company culture and ethics 


Employees who are coached to performance rather than managed to performance are more committed to and invested in the outcomes of their work and achievement of organizational goals.

CJ Matthews Consulting - Jackie Mitchell Coaching

*On-going training of the workforce is necessary to remain competitive.However, without coaching, training loses its effectiveness rapidly, and often fails to achieve the lasting behavioral changes needed. While training is an “event,” coaching is a process, which is a valuable next step to insure that the new knowledge imparted, actually becomes learned behavior.


CJ Matthews Consulting LLC
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